Monday 13 March 2017

Genre Interview with Carolyn Miller

Welcome to the Genre Interview. Carolyn Miller has kindly agreed to answer our questions related to writing genres. 

What genres do you write?
Carolyn Miller: I write Regency, a historical period usually associated with the era of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’. It was named after the Prince Regent (later George IV) ruled in place of his father, ‘Mad’ King George during the years 1811-1820.

What market do you write for (Christian or general, clean reads etc)?

I write for the American Christian market 

In which genres do you have books available for sale?

My first novel 'The Elusive Miss Ellison' has just released in the US. My second Regency, 'The Captivating Lady Charlotte' releases at the end of June and is available for preorder now. They are available from, Book Depository and Koorong.

How many books have you published in each genre?

One Regency at this stage, which is the first of my three books releasing this year.

Are you published traditionally, indie, or hybrid?

I’m published with Kregel Publications, a traditional US publisher.
Did genre influence your decision to choose a particular publishing model?

More the other way around. I wanted to experience the publishing world in the US, but was told my contemporary Australian-based stories (filled with Aussie characters and language) wouldn't sell in the US. So I switched to the genre I love to read: Regency. (Who doesn't love Mr Darcy?)

Are your published works available in print, ebook, or both?

Why do you write what you write? Do you feel called to write?
I love to write what I like to read: stories that offer hope that have happy endings, that offer a spiritual layer, as well as a dash of (Aussie) humour.

Many thanks to Carolyn Miller for sharing her thoughts on genre.

Carolyn Miller lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and four children. A longtime lover of romance, especially that of the Regency era, Carolyn holds a BA in English Literature, and loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steve Laube Agency. Her Regency novel 'The Elusive Miss Ellison' is now available from 

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  1. Good to hear a little more about you, Carolyn. Although I have to admit to being a little disappointed that we don't get the contemporary Aussie setting - while I love Regency Romance, I love contemporary even more, especially in a non-US setting.

    1. Hi Iola. Yes, hopefully one day my Australian stories will see the light of day, perhaps independently published- all part of my grand publishing plan!

  2. Hi Carolyn, I enjoyed Miss Ellison, and look forward to Lady Charlotte 😊 Like Iola, I was intrigued by your mention of Aussie contemporary too, especially since I've spent years on these myself. You're a lady with many facets.

    1. Paula, your review meant so much more than you probably realize. Thanks for being such an encouragement :)

  3. HI Carolyn, great to read a little more about you. May the success of your Regency Romance help persuade a publisher to publish your Aussie contemporary stories.

  4. I've urged Carolyn to try and experiment and self-publish the Aussie ones. Because I think then that the traditional and self-published will advertise each other ...then we'd also have a case study comparison between the two forms!

    1. Christine, I've kept your words about self publishing the contemporary ones as I (mostly) enjoy the process of learning what traditional publishing means. Maybe one day! Certainly an interesting journey so far :)


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