Wednesday 20 September 2017


My Son's GPS
Have you ever wondered how 
many satellites are circling our earth?

No? Neither have I. But they are there and even travelling out into deep space. One thing most are happy about is that amazing invention that's been around for some time, the GPS. ie. Global Positioning System.

A GPS is simply a guidance system. To take it to a personal, level, we know God's GPS has been around for thousands of years. And that's something we all need in life.

As long as we follow instructions, we can be sure of arriving where we need to be. Even if we make a mistake along the way and miss a turning, the GPS tells us  it's "recalculating," and sure enough it gets us back on track.

Sometimes we can make rash decisions in many of life's situations and relationships, and we head down the wrong way. Yet whenever we stop to listen, God will "recalculate" and set us back on the right road. We just need a willing heart to think of the others' needs before our own and to kind to each other.

My life verse is this from the Book of Proverbs Ch 3, verses 5 & 6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't rely only on your own wisdom. In all your ways acknowledge him and He shall direct your paths.

Life can be hectic. Life can be confusing. We face so many choices and have to make so many decisions. Yet no matter where we are in life, we only need to keep our ear tuned to our ever-present GPS, or God's Positioning System, the Holy Bible. In it we will find unchanging truth. God's Word does not follow the latest of society's trends.

(Actually, I am my husband's GPS when we're driving. I love reading maps! I also love reading God's Word. The former gets us to where we're headed here on earth and the latter guides us both here and on to our eternal home.)

Currently Rita Galieh co-presents a 5 min. Christian radio program with her husband, George. ‘Vantage Point’ is broadcast Australia-wide on local FM stations.  As an author, she has written six inspirational historical novels, contributed to several US anthologies, and belongs to several writers’ organizations. 
Besides her weekly blog, she can be found on and Facebook. Together with her husband, she assumes the role of a governess, and gives a fun filled presentation of Etiquette of the Victorian Era.


  1. God's Positioning System- love it! Thanks for the reminder. (By the way, I love reading maps, too!)

    1. You too, Carolyn? Yes, nice to know exactly where you're headed. I also love tracking a route along with Google Earth.


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