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Street Teams From A Readers Perspective

Ausjenny |@ausjenny

Last year we talked about street teams from an authors perspective. You can read Darlene Franklin’s post here. This time I am talking about street teams from a reader’s perspective.

As a reader I have been on several street teams and different types of team. I will give a brief outline of ones I have been on.

1. A one book release where we only promote only one book.
2. Teams where we have the chance to promote all books by an author.
3. Teams where the author has several books out and you choose which one you will promote each quarter, these teams are normally a small number of members.

For number 1. Where it is a one off, the team I was on had a limited number of spaces and we all agreed to read the book and write reviews. We also shared on social media and the author had campaigns for the book. The book dealt with bullying and self-esteem issues, so the author had some ideas to create buzz for the book. One was writing # for the character on your wrist and using it as your profile photo for a few days so when people asked what it meant you could talk about the book and the issues. She also had giveaways on her facebook group for the reviewers.

For Number 2. I am on a couple of teams where I am asked to review a ARC or a book from NetGalley and post reviews at as many places as possible. Also to share the books on social media as well. This team normally doesn’t have a facebook group but will put an appeal via a newsletter and is often restricted to a certain number of people. Contact is often done via email.

For number 3. I am on one where it is restricted to a certain number of people who have agreed to review one book every 3 months. The author interacts via a facebook group and we share on social media any book news to create a buzz also. This type of group we get to know the other members and the author much better and it becomes almost like family. We will normally have a choice of a few different books to review.

I know there are other ways authors use street teams. Some will create bookmarks and have the members leave them everywhere, libraries, bookstores, even coffee shops and places people read books. With people reading more ebooks bookmarks are not always a good investment now.

If you are an author trying to find readers to read your books and get reviews, consider a street team. A good street team where you invest your time in them will pay off with them being loyal and they will want to promote your books across the internet and word of mouth. In a Country like Australia and New Zealand they can go into libraries and request your books or go into the bookshops and ask if your books are available. Most readers on a street team will be more than happy to read an ARC or even a pdf of the book.

If you are you on a reader have you been on a street team. If you are an author do you have a street team or have you considered it?

JENNY BLAKE (aka Ausjenny) is an avid reader. When not reading she enjoys watching cricket, in fact you could call her a cricket fanatic, scrapbooking and jigsaws. Her health has means she isn't reading as much as she would like but she does what she can to promote books. Her book blog is where she reviews books and interview authors. Her goal is to help promote new books and encourage authors. Her blog is at, Twitter @ausjenny


  1. I've never heard of #3, where you promote a book on a regular basis. It's a good idea - it gives the author the opportunity to promote older books (e.g the first in a series).

    One new idea I've recently come across with street teams is the shared street team: 3-5 authors in the same genre joining forces and giving all team members the opportunity to read, review, and influence for all the authors in the group.

  2. Hi Iola, The #3 is what Darlene Franklin does, she's a prolific writer but we do at times review older books. We normally get a choice of a few books to review and have 3 months to review them.

    The new idea sounds good. It would be useful as often authors take awhile to write books so this would mean books are available more often rather than only one or two a year. It would also introduce readers to different authors in the street team.

  3. Thanks for this, Jenny. It’s great to get a reader perspective! After the learning curve of last year where I had a different (ARC receiving) group of influencers for each book, this year I’m starting a new group where ARC recipients and others can join together to gain access to images, posts etc. I hope it works!

    1. Carolyn I think having the same group can be helpful as they know what to expect. Also if you need to you can always add people to your group. I honestly think its a great way for authors and readers to connect and help each other. Its a win win.


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