Thursday 1 March 2018

Book Review The Reluctant Groom by Kimberly Rose Johnson

By Barbara Thompson

The Reluctant Groom by Kimberly Rose Johnson
1 March 2018

When everything goes wrong, can two friends discover true love?

When Ray O’Brien’s world is turned upside down, Katie Fairchild wants to help, but the personal cost is high. Neither desires a marriage of convenience, but when Katie blurts the first thing that comes to her mind Ray can’t dismiss her offer of marriage. It would solve all his problems except for one thing—they aren’t in love.

Can these two friends team up for the greater good and perhaps find love along the way, or are their expectations impossible?


The Reluctant Groom is a delightful book I enjoyed reading. It kept my attention, the characters were unique but great and this made the book more enjoyable. The author wrote a well-written book that I encourage others to read. I highly recommend this book.The Reluctant Groom by Author Kimberly Rose Johnson is Book One of the Brides of Seattle series.

I received a copy from the publisher, but was not required to review it. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.

BARBARA THOMPSON (aka barbmaci61) is an avid reader. When not reading, she likes to cross-stitch on her kindle. Reading is an important aspect of her life because she has quite a few health issues. While she doesn't have a blog she does try to promote great books anywhere she can. You can finder her on twitter at @barbmaci61


  1. Hi Barbara, I love Kimberly’s books and I have this one on pre-order. I’m looking forward to reading it because it’s set in Seattle, one of my favourite US cities, and is a modern day marriage of convenience story that isn’t connected to royalty (the more common trope). Thanks for sharing your review with us. :)

    1. Thanks for pre-ordering it, Narelle. I hope you enjoy it and it surpasses your expectations.

    2. I love this book. Looking forward to the second book in this series. Thank you Narelle.

  2. Thanks Barbara for your review. I too like the look of the book and welcome to the blog.

    1. Thank you Jenny and letting me part of this blog.

  3. Thanks for this review, Barbara. :) I'm happy you enjoyed it!


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