Tuesday 13 March 2018

Tuesday Book Chat | 13 March 2018 | Iola Goulton

It's Iola here. Welcome to our ACW Tuesday Book Chat where we encourage book lovers to answer our bookish question of the week.

This blog is called Australasian Christian Writers, but we're also readers. And we want to connect with other readers.

So are you a writer, a reader, or both?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please join in the conversation in a comment on this post or in a comment on the blog post shared in our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group. Or, if you're feeling wordy (like me), write a blog post and link to it in the comments.

Let's chat!


  1. I'm both! And here's my long answer:

  2. I'm a reader. (ps is it just me or is this blog not displaying right today)

  3. Reader! I've had books in my hands since before I was a year old!


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