Friday 15 June 2018

God Keeps His Promises

By Cindy Williams|@nutritionchic 

In my school scripture classes I am teaching the children that ‘God keeps his promises.’ We are looking at Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and seeing that God keeps his promises no matter our human foibles and failings.

I smile when I read about Sarah and Rebekah ‘helping God out’ with his promises. As if He needs help! Yet aren’t we all tempted sometimes to do this, especially when the years pass by and he doesn’t meet our deadlines and ultimatums!

God’s Promise of Land 

This week I am teaching the children about how God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, and from him came the twelve tribes which eventually (around four hundred years later) settled in the land that God had promised Abraham.

The glory days of Israel, of David and Solomon, came and went. The kingdom split. The ten tribes of Israel were taken by the Assyrians (2 Kings 17:20-23), the two tribes of Judah by the Babylonians (2 Kings 25:8-12). A remnant of Jews remained and after seventy years some returned to Israel. Jerusalem and the temple were rebuilt and for several centuries existed in relative independence. Then the Romans took over and in 70AD destroyed the temple and city. The Jews were scattered and Israel was no more.

What happened to the promise of land? For the past two thousand years it would have been hard for Christians to believe God would keep this promise. There was no Israel. Then came 1948. In a day, at the stroke of a pen, the land of Israel existed again. Has this happened to any other nation? No matter your politics, this is surely a sign of God’s faithfulness in keeping his promises. 

God’s Promises for You 

What promises has the Lord given you? Promises for your writing, promises for your family, promises for your health? Thank the Lord for them and claim them using his word - ‘For the word of God is living and active (Heb. 4:12). Be persistent. Be patient.

If you have never sought a promise from the Lord, pray and ask for his special promise for you. He is a loving father who loves to hear us call to him, who loves to bless us and who always keeps his promises.

 About Cindy Williams

With degrees in Nutrition, Public Health and Communication Cindy has worked for many years as a dietitian for sports teams, food industry, media, and as a nutrition writer and speaker.

Her first novel, The Pounamu Prophecy, was short listed for the 2016 Caleb Prize.

She writes a blog - - stories of health, history, food and faraway places.

Cindy grew up in a culturally rich part of New Zealand, singing the songs and hearing the stories of Maori. She lives in Sydney with her husband and son, writing stories of flawed women who battle injustice... and sometimes find romance. 


  1. A lovely, encouraging blog, Cindy--thank you! The children in those Scripture classes are very blessed to have you as their teacher and I'm sure you do a wonderful job.

    One of God's promises for my life that comes to mind had to do with my becoming part of our church ministry team quite a few years ago now. In the middle of a time of worship, I felt God saying to me that that was what would happen and to start getting ready straight away for that day. I did not see how this would ever be possible, but I decided to start studying for my theology degree anyway. And lo and behold, a few years later, that is exactly what did happen.

  2. Thanks Jo-Anne. I love hearing testimonies of how faithful the Lord is!!!

  3. Amen. God does keep His promises and that brings me comfort. Have a blessed day!


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