Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Tuesday Book Chat | 12 June 2018 | Iola Goulton

It's Iola here. Welcome to our ACW Tuesday Book Chat, where we encourage book lovers to answer our bookish question of the week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Do you read author newsletters?

As a bonus question for those who dare to answer: how many author newsletters are you subscribed to? Which one is your favourite, and why?

Please join in the conversation in a comment on this post or in a comment on the blog post shared in our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group. Or, if you're feeling wordy (like me), write a blog post and link to it in the comments.

Let's chat! Do you read author newsletters?


  1. My short answer is "sometimes". I've posted my longer answer on my blog:

  2. All the time. Well, I mostly scan them. And then dive deep if there is something meaty to focus on.

  3. I subscribe to author newsletters to remind myself to pre-order & buy the author’s new releases. I often skim the content and go straight to the ‘buy now’ link.

  4. Sometimes. I will scan them at times and decide if I really want to read it or not. Some seem to be sent for the sake of sending a newsletter with no real reason. I got one recently with just info on flowers that are growing but nothing about books. I just deleted it. It seems some people think they have to have one every month even if they don't have news. I would rather have them when they have a book coming out or when they have information. I have unsubscribed to quite a few recently.

  5. Sometimes I do. I'm only subscribed to a couple of author newsletters at present - just a couple of my favourite authors. One I like because the only time you get one is when they have a new book coming out.


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