Tuesday 13 November 2018

Tuesday Book Chat | 13 November 2018 | Iola Goulton

From Iola Goulton @iolagoulton

It's Iola here. Welcome to our ACW Tuesday Book Chat where we encourage book lovers to answer our bookish question of the week.

Today's question is: 

How many books have you read this year? How many do you think you'll read between now and the end of the year? Did you participate in a reading challenge? Will you achieve your reading goal?

Join in the conversation in a comment on this post or in a comment on the blog post shared in our Australasian Christian Writers Facebook Group. Or, if you're feeling wordy (like me), write a blog post and link to it in the comments.

Let's chat! 

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  1. I've only read 25 books so far this year. My goodreads goal is 43. I spent the first 4 months of the year reading a thick brick by Brandon Sanderson. And I haven't been listening to many audio books this year (I'm finding it increasingly hard to concentrate on fiction audio. My brain must be getting older).


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